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The little bits of fuzz that sometimes collect in one's butt-crack after wearing sweat-pants without underwear.
When I got home from playing handball with my buds, there was this wad of cheney in my ass-crack from my sweats. I gotta remember to wear underwear, next time.
by slegotoo February 12, 2012
Another word or euphemism for that particular part of the male anatomy.
Used in a sentence; Ok, zibbro. Why don't you just suck my cheney.

Or, used disparagingly; What a cheney, dude.
by Jadeed March 22, 2010
The malodorous remnants of a previous pile of crap that lingers on the bowl or other surface of the toilet.
"Honey, please get me the toilet brush so I can remove the cheney before company comes!"
by Capecodrob August 13, 2009
some one who is afraid to say the word dick.

for all the cheneys out there, repeat after me:
loser:hah, I PW3D that N00B!
average person: chillax, dude
loser: don't be such a cheney
average person: wowww.... dick
loser: what?
average person: nothing
by aliiii333 February 12, 2009
‘To Pull a Cheney on someone’
To persistently tell a ferocious lie, even when confronted with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, all the while keeping a straight face.
Father: George did you cut down the cherry tree?
George: No Father
Father: George, you are holding an hatchett and there are bark slivers all over you; are you trying to pull a cheney on me?

Interviewer: What do you think of the insurgency?
Dick: I think its in its last throes
Interviewer: Uhm, there are about 100 insurgents coming over the hill straight toward us, bearing guns and bombs and looking quite angry....
Dick: Believe me, they’re in their last throes
Interviewer: Don’t try to pull a cheney on me mister, im outa here!
by fnky January 22, 2006
1. Synonym for Satan
2. Idiot who shot his friend in the face
3. The actual 43rd president of the United States of America
(since Bush never actually did anything without him)
Cheney is the most prominent example of his own first name. As I found out, George Bush asked him to make a list of republicans best suited to being vice-president, and Mr. Cheney put himself at the top of the list. On top of that, he's most famous not for being vice-president, but for shooting his friend in the face while they were hunting quail. QUAIL. Who hunts for quail? You can walk right up behind them and grab them and they would barely even flap their wings.
by Laghundasagh July 09, 2010
verb: To mastermind war with another country under false pretenses. To commit evil, to instigate or manipulate a situation or event. Deceitful, greedy, lair. To operate above the law.

Noun: To refer to an evil, deluted dictator.
I pulled a cheney and got my co worker fired. Instead of the devil made me do it, cheney made me do it. The leader of that country is a cheney.
by capt jeffrey t spalding July 18, 2009