To deal with being caught by telling a bald-faced lie and sticking to it no matter how unbelievable it is.

Also, to be willing to do or say anything, no matter how outrageous, rather than deviate from the lie.
Guy: "You hit my car!! You smashed right into my car!"

Cheney: "No I didn't."

Guy: "Yes you did! Look at it! You smashed right into it! The whole side is caved in."

Cheney: "No I didn't. You hit me."

Guy: "WHAT? Are you really going to try to cheney your way out of this? All my friends and three nuns saw you do it!"

Cheney: "You hit me. That's what happened. You hit me."

Guy: "I was PARKED for christ's sake -- how could I have hit you? You drove into my car while it was parked here! Look at it -- the whole side is stoved in, you asshole!"

Cheney: "No I didn't. Your car hit mine."

Guy: "WHAT??!! Are you crazy? Your car is still smashed into the side of my car, right here where it was parked. You drove over the median strip, across three lanes of traffic, and plowed into my parked car. I saw the whole thing! We all saw it -- and this nun got it on video!"

Cheney: "Why do you hate America?"
by Super Genius November 25, 2006
Pretty obvious, but it means to accidentally discharge one's load into your partner's face.
Betty needed a quick breather from blowing my world, but when I pulled out, I totally Cheney'd her.
by Brian H March 14, 2006
1. To engage in unethical coercive activities.
2. To cover-up for unethical coercive activities.
3. To smear a person who attempts to expose an attempt at covering up unethical coercive activities.
1. He was caught cheneying and was charged with felony jury tampering.
2. After having been caught, he tried to cheney his actions to avoid being charged with a crime.
3. The whistleblower was cheneyed and was forced to quit his job.
by Jerry T. November 09, 2005
The act of shooting someone in the face. (With a bullet, a load of cum or whatever)

Also referes to the two part act of:

A) Shooting someone in the face. (by whatever method)
B) Having them apologize to you for you shooting them in the face.
You were supposed to swallow it bitch, not make me Cheney all over your face.

Sorry Sir!
by Sir Smurfalot May 11, 2006
See liar, fraud, scum
Moron 1: It's appalling that Edwards brought up Cheney's gay daughter in the debates, while discussing Bush's opposition to gay rights. What a low blow.
Moron 2: Yeah, thats really low. Let's go shoot some beer cans.
by Alan. May 02, 2006
verb: cheney, cheneyed, cheneying

1) missing something by a country mile

2) to aim for the broad side of a barn and hit a lawyer

3) hunting when drunk and blind as a bat

4) taking lawyers out of season

5) premature ejaculation
"What the fuck are you shootin at, Bobby Sue? You almost go me instead, you fucking idiot! You go to hell, Clint! It's the first time I cheneyed my shot in over a week!"

"Hey caddy, get me a 6-iron! I'm in no mood to cheney this putt!"

"Honey, get me some paper towels. I went to piss in the toilet but got it all over the seat. I cheneyed the direction of my stream again. Oops."

"Darling, I think I just cheneyed in my underwear. Get me a smoke, will ya. "Marvin, I'm so sick and tired of you cheneying early and falling asleep ten seconds later. Get your own cigarette, you inadequate moron!"
by SnowyOwl February 18, 2006
VERB: used in the phrase, "go cheney yourself", i.e., telling someone in a slightly more polite way to go fuck themselves.

From the exchange on the Senate floor between Senator Pat Leahy (D-Vermont) and the Vice President (R-Ninth Circle of Hell), wherein the latter told the former to "go fuck himself".

What a class act, that Vice Prez!
Guy #1: Hey, what's that - kiddie porn on your computer?

Guy #2: Go cheney yourself, you sick perv - it's just pictures of my kids!
by Jennifer Goodhue August 14, 2007

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