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VERB: used in the phrase, "go cheney yourself", i.e., telling someone in a slightly more polite way to go fuck themselves.

From the exchange on the Senate floor between Senator Pat Leahy (D-Vermont) and the Vice President (R-Ninth Circle of Hell), wherein the latter told the former to "go fuck himself".

What a class act, that Vice Prez!
Guy #1: Hey, what's that - kiddie porn on your computer?

Guy #2: Go cheney yourself, you sick perv - it's just pictures of my kids!
by Jennifer Goodhue August 14, 2007
21 5
The reincarnated grinch who has mastered the art of puppetry.
In 2009, Cheney will steal Christmas... and probably Thanksgiving, too.
by The one non-Republican Texan September 09, 2006
22 8
a man's testicles
Every guy loves a woman that knows how to handle his dick and cheneys.

Oww, she kicked me right in the cheneys!
by Bob E. March 26, 2009
20 8
Neoconservative de facto leader of the United States from January 20, 2001 to January 20, 2009. His heart runs on batteries, therefore he is technically a zombie. Just like Osama Bin Laden, he has a tendency to disappear for months or years at a time, then suddenly return only when it is politically convenient for Republicans.
"George W. Bush was nothing but a figurehead, and Dick Cheney was in charge"
by JTBcat July 15, 2009
13 2
An attempt to annihilate the whole of western society through stubbornness, ambition, and ignorance- one duck (and human) at a time.
Also referred to someone trying to be a part of society, yet failing.

"That guy was such a Cheyney- OMG what a loser"
"Eugh.. LOL.. you are such a Cheney"
by Lillylyd November 11, 2006
15 4
1. To have no heart (In reference to Vice President Cheney's several heart operations)
Why are you actin' so cheney? Just go over there and ask her out.
by dcland January 05, 2007
14 4
facial comeshot

There is some debate over whether this should be expected or unexpected.
"I'm going home with a bottle of champagne to play Cheney with my boyfriend."

-Violet Blue

by Serennissima February 15, 2006
42 32