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The most original TV program in the noughties, HBO dissed it, and Fox fucked with it, denying millions of intelligent viewers and comedy aficionados good programming.

"How funny is that shit! hahahha! No... You don't get it...do you have arrested development syndrome? Is there something wrong with you?"
by Lillylyd November 11, 2006
A safe-haven for gay celebrities to hide their sexual preference, with maximum protection (not to mention funding) from cult members.
Hi... I'm a closet homosexual- does this "Scientology" have enough money to create a whole new heterosexual perosona for myself? Yes?!! FABULOUS, darling...
by Lillylyd November 11, 2006
A person in denial; one who places money over integrity. SEE: closet homosexuals
"I can't understand why he won't come out of the closet- what a tom cruise"
by Lillylyd November 11, 2006
An attempt to annihilate the whole of western society through stubbornness, ambition, and ignorance- one duck (and human) at a time.
Also referred to someone trying to be a part of society, yet failing.

"That guy was such a Cheyney- OMG what a loser"
"Eugh.. LOL.. you are such a Cheney"
by Lillylyd November 11, 2006
Relating to someone who has a great arse, but their underwear is too tight, creating a second arse at the top of their thighs (guilty as charged)
Front-on vision:
Guy 1: "Dude, check out the talent at 12 o'clock"
Side-on Vision:
Guy 2: "WTF?! She has double arsage. That's not cool, man.
by Lillylyd November 11, 2006

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