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A way to address a male, since females tend to take offence.

A respectful greeting
You sir, are a fuckin moron
by ShaneIsAGamer October 23, 2007
The proper way for a submissive to greet a Dominant.
Yes Sir, i will do as You command.
by w_pegasus'_angel February 20, 2009
What you should respond to when people call you by it, so they don't call you Hey You next.
You can't go in there, sir.


Hey You!!
by Downstrike October 30, 2004
The opposite of ma'am commonly used when speaking to a man.
Yes, sir
by David June 10, 2004
1) A spade with a machete

2) A Chink with some nunchukas

3) A border guard.

4) Any body with an assault rifle
1. No sir, I wasn't laughing at your girlfriend's ass.

2. Yes sir, that's a very attractive exhaust tip you have there.

3. No sir, I'm not bringing any drugs into Singapore.

4. Yes sir.
by Hoze December 25, 2004
what a young girl calls an older guy she likes.
Are you really 18?

Yes sir, I'm really 18. *blush*
by love em young April 26, 2008
A woman who looks like a man. Typically wearing loose fitting pants, a flannel, and her attire is complemented with a gentleman's haircut.
Me: Hello, sir.
Sir: I'm a woman.
Me: Sorry. Have a good day, fella.
by A. Hunt September 15, 2008
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