A card game where you use a standard 52 deck of cards and there can be as many players as you want. The dealer hands out all the cards til there's none left. Each player can look at there cards and the first person lays down a card face down and says the card he put down. It starts as a ace so you would put down A card and say that BUT it could be anything else other then a real ace. If another player say's cheats! and you put a fake ace and its not a ace you must pick up the whole pile in the middle where you put down cards though the game. If you put down a real ace and some one said cheats then he must pick up the whole pile in the middle. You win the game by losing all your cards and it get's very hard at the end when you have litte cards left and you must lie alot. You can also put down more then 1 of the same card like you would say "3 jacks!" and you can lie there also and jokers are wild. This game is also known to be called bullshit like in the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.
I played cheats last night and layed down 4 queens and got away with it!
by ganban May 28, 2005
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1. verb. To be sexually unfaithful either breaking a promise of sexual fidelity or lying about sexual encounters.

2. verb. To surruptitiosly copy answers from another student in school in order to hide the lack of knowledge of the curriculum.

3. proper noun "The Cheat". An animated character from www.homestarrunner.com who is characterized by his short yellow body and unintelligible speech.

4. noun. In video games, a code (whether secret or published) or a series of movements (whether intentionally programmed or a glitch or coded by the player) input by the player in order to achieve one or more of the following:

a. enhance one's abilities in game play such as unlimited ammunition, enhanced or normally unavailable weapons, or God Mode;

b. unlock hidden easter eggs

c. unlock otherwise unavailable levels of play (see the Mario series of games)

d. (when coded by the player) to gain an unfair advantage in multiplayer competition
1. That cheating bitch fucked my best friend, so I decided to break up with her.

2. I didn't study for the test, but I got a kick-ass grade anyway because my bro Jay let me cheat.

3. Homestarrunner.com has flash cartoons featuring funny characters like Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, and his little lackey The Cheat.

4. Carol is the biggest video game geek in town. Whenever a new game comes out, we can always look to her to find all the latest cheats.
by Marc February 24, 2004
when someone takes advantage of somebody else's sacred trust, and goes off and fucks somebody else.
my roomate frequently cheats on her boyfriend.
by elisa January 11, 2004
to be sexually unfaithful, to commit adultry
I knew she was cheating! I knew it all along.
by Light Joker May 03, 2006
1. to be unfaithful:

A. to a "significant other"
B. to a promise

2. to get right answers on a test or exam by:

A. looking off of someone
B. having them beforehand
1.A. any form of sexual contact with another person
"i said i was dating her, but then i fooled around with her sister. she told of my cheat(ing)"
1.B to say you'll not do something for the other person's feelings and then do it behind their back.
"hey honey, I won't smoke a cigarette again!" *5 seconds later, smoking* "yeah sure, you cheater!

2.A. "hey, tommy, lemme see that paper!"

2.B. sites like philosophypapers.com and such, or places that you can get the answers.
by luckylime February 20, 2004
a cheating little yellow cheater from homestarrunner.com
by nameless October 26, 2003
When someone does something that they wouldn't do if their "other" was there with them...
James has sex with another girl wail he's supposed to be my man... but he wouldn't have sex with that girl if I was their with them... well depends on how much of a dog he is... Why do a great deal of men cheat???
by Angelina Baldwin October 04, 2006
To lie to your partner and go with somone else behind theyr back.

Going Out With A Boy Or A Girl And Make out/Sleep With Somone Else and leave it to theyr best friend to tell him

Or Just to be a filthy whore and shagg who ever you want behind the person you "Really like" or "Love" back
SDawwg:Did he cheat on me?
D,Dawwwg:Yehh with some girl, he pulled her durring the gig
by butttbutttface July 01, 2009

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