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1. to be unfaithful:

A. to a "significant other"
B. to a promise

2. to get right answers on a test or exam by:

A. looking off of someone
B. having them beforehand
1.A. any form of sexual contact with another person
"i said i was dating her, but then i fooled around with her sister. she told of my cheat(ing)"
1.B to say you'll not do something for the other person's feelings and then do it behind their back.
"hey honey, I won't smoke a cigarette again!" *5 seconds later, smoking* "yeah sure, you cheater!

2.A. "hey, tommy, lemme see that paper!"

2.B. sites like philosophypapers.com and such, or places that you can get the answers.
by luckylime February 20, 2004

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