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Micheal Schumacher
Adelaide 94
Jerez 97

etc etc etc
by Ricardo December 08, 2003
49 47
A man called Gary.
Gary: "I make bets then cheat until I win!"
by Yasmin Truth Teller January 04, 2012
2 1
To win at all costs
I'm not sure that we will win this video game......I got it! lets use Cheats!
by Craig Lee April 03, 2011
3 3
To accept a service or product and then not pay for it.
Firt Ring cheats all vendors and customers they do businees with.
by First Ring April 19, 2003
8 8
A form of hacking that allows you to get the advantages.
Cheat engine

Darn it, I don't have cash.... I know! Let's use Cheat engine!
by 1423/2248/2246 series November 19, 2011
1 2
to cheat on your spouse with someone else secretly or behind their back
Gee, I sure hope ralph doesnt realize im cheating on my wife with his bitch.
by Kartan Sprites April 04, 2005
10 12
someone who roots 2 chicks in the one night and is in yr 11.
leigh able
by hotstuff September 01, 2003
11 13