Micheal Schumacher
Adelaide 94
Jerez 97

etc etc etc
by Ricardo December 08, 2003
A man called Gary.
Gary: "I make bets then cheat until I win!"
by Yasmin Truth Teller January 04, 2012
To win at all costs
I'm not sure that we will win this video game......I got it! lets use Cheats!
by Craig Lee April 03, 2011
To accept a service or product and then not pay for it.
Firt Ring cheats all vendors and customers they do businees with.
by First Ring April 19, 2003
A form of hacking that allows you to get the advantages.
Cheat engine

Darn it, I don't have cash.... I know! Let's use Cheat engine!
by 1423/2248/2246 series November 19, 2011
to cheat on your spouse with someone else secretly or behind their back
Gee, I sure hope ralph doesnt realize im cheating on my wife with his bitch.
by Kartan Sprites April 04, 2005
someone who roots 2 chicks in the one night and is in yr 11.
leigh able
by hotstuff September 01, 2003

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