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To go nuts on any instrument, including the voice, by either playing extremely hard or hitting the money highnote.
The saxophonist from the 80's group Men at Work really wails throughout the song "Who Can It Be Now."
by Bunny D May 25, 2005
To make an intensely high note on a guitar.
Nobody can out-wail Yngwie Malmsteen.
by Endril March 21, 2003
To weep loudly, to cry or bawl, to lament or mourn for someone.

To cry out, usually in grief.
The wind was howling outside that night. At about midnight, we heard a woman wailing, broken by occasional sobs. We knew instantly that it was the banshee. We knew then that one of us would soon die.

As I was locking up for the night, I heard a little girl somewhere in the building, and she was wailing. Following the sound into into the women's room, I saw a little girl of about four, her face flushed from crying. As I walked towards her, she disappeared. Was this my imagination or had I seen a ghost?
#weep #cry #lament #moan #bawl #sob #mourn #banshee #grief
by Lorelili April 05, 2008
meaning to bash up serverly
hey lets go wail on that guy
#belt #bash #hurt #mob #pack
by hamghetti... September 29, 2006
To create one of the most glorious sounds ever concieved by the the great Metal gods. That is to unleash from the soul a most triumphant Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! or Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! at extremely high or accending frequency with much vibrato.

Vocal emissions from Rob Halford or Eric Adams(of Manowar).
You know that old Judas Priest song called "The Ripper" where Rob Halford lets out a most hallacious wail that just makes your balls quiver?

Pendletron: Theres this wicked awesome song by Manowar where Adams lets out this otherworldly, mega wail that just makes my ass pucker in elation...

David Bashammer; Oh you mean like every freaking kick-ass Manowar song?

Pendletron: Thats the one..........mofo.
#manowar #halford #judas priest #metal #eric adams
by Sky Puncher August 17, 2006
A combination of a win and a fail.
That guy just did a 20 foot grind, but then his board slipped!
What a wail!
#win #fail #phail #whale #combination
by A1-Sponge June 10, 2010
"I just fu*ked that girl without a condom, WAIL"
#wail #whale #w.a.i.l #what am i like #way-l
by Bobbaaaayyy Jones September 23, 2012
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