chat language meaning 'chat back'
similar to tb (text back) and wb (write back)
'why the fuck you not cb last night biatch!'
'wot you talkin bout? cb'
by simon bishop June 26, 2006
Abbreviation for "cashed bowl". Indicates that there is no more marijuana in the pipe, all that's left is ash.
Mike: "Damn dude, why'd you hand me a cb?"
Randy: "Well I got a hit..."


Randy: "That's a cb"
Mike: "Well load it again, dumbass, I'm not high yet"
by withstand November 03, 2005
acronym for cooder babas; the nickname for vaginal fluids emitted when a woman is sexually excited. Babas references the Spanish slang word baba that means drool
The young Marlon Brandon fills my panties with CBs
by AllAtOnce June 02, 2010
A CB is a short form for Crystal Ball. It is used in a game to look into the business of other players. There is a way to interpret the CB by obtaining the angel formatter a tool from utopia tempel.
The cb can also be pasted in a site and then it is there interpretted.
It is a very handy tool to see if your province can attack another.
Can you take a CB?
Can you put it formatted in the forum?
No put it on the pimp.
by Jeseni October 08, 2007
Cuddle Buddy - Someone who you entangle with in effort to get closer without actually having sex. Teasing is optional.
Every morning "Tenacious Taurus" comes over to CB with me to start the day :)
by Sex Leo April 28, 2006
when you pull your underwear up your ass to make a wedgie and pretend it s a thong because you are too immature to buy thongs. you can usually see a big bunch at the top of her ass. usually girls wear cb's with solow pants when really you should wear a thong. cb stands for a girls name in weston.
omg that girl pulled a cb on us.
eww!! cb alertt
by xooo yeaaa boii October 26, 2006
a weapon of choice to use against troy wen you get jealous; aka crowbar
Froy hacked away at Troy's skull with a cb
by Baloney August 23, 2004
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