pornography shorthand. stands for "comic book", refers to super-hero/heroine related sex.
This story has CB content. Wonder Woman gets it on with Superman.
by lemonlime December 08, 2004
Colossus Blade - A weapon in LoD. Often needed with many sockets.
Hey you, do you have a 6 socketed CB!?
by pwnz0r. June 01, 2004
A CB is a person who puts cardboard in his pants to hide his front parts.
Mr. Klingman (CB) has had cardboard inserted in his pants and you always see a rectangle there.
by eabhirnvoelw February 29, 2008
Those devices rednecks and truckers use to talk to each other with.
Look at that redneck talking on his CB
by Anonymous September 22, 2003
person of insane baldness or code name CB= Cactus Bunch
That chick is a total CB.
by The Cactus Bunch August 03, 2003
cunt belly; cunt bulge
At first glance I thought she was pregnant, until I realized it was a CB.
by Bob Boston May 07, 2003
Abbreviation for Censor Bypass
(transitive verb) -
Gamer Slang or GameFAQs Slang for bypassing word(s) that are part of a list of banned words.
1. If "SPANK" and "HIT" were banned(a.k.a.: B7) words, then using "SP@NK" or "H!T" would be censor bypassing, or a CB.

..... Q. - "I don't get it, why was I moderated for saying SP@NK?"

..... A. - "Because using 'SP@NK' to get around the banned words list is CB'ing, and a violation of the ToU."
by DRAKULIAN September 03, 2006
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