crazy bizotch
Man that cb just wigged out again.
by Ghandi September 18, 2002
It is when a man with no street cred sneek attacks a very popular woman and in result he loses more street cred.
Yo can you believe Mark cb'ed Lisa , yo man he's still a bitch.
by Ferguson Dani February 11, 2009
short for CAROLINA BEACH , nc
im from CB yo.
you kno how we do in CB.

by CB3 October 19, 2007
Compact Booty- A girl with a tight little booty
Man, that girl's got a CB
by Marty Schottenheimer October 11, 2006
a MySpace(or any other website that you can comment on)term meaning 'comment back'
Matt: I think your hot...cb x

Jake: WTF? Are you gay? CB NOW!!!

Matt: No I was kidding.. :$
by AshleyPashley October 09, 2006
Cute Beast; aka Alyse.
Look at that Cute Beast go; what a pimpette!
by Sharad Kumar February 28, 2005
pornography shorthand. stands for "comic book", refers to super-hero/heroine related sex.
This story has CB content. Wonder Woman gets it on with Superman.
by lemonlime December 08, 2004

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