"Cuddle Bug", a best friend, or love
Awe CB, you're the best!
by indieinster October 17, 2011
Coffee Breath.
David: Hey Person 1, may i sniff your CB?
Person 1: No David...
David: Come on... i love the smell of CB!
by jclayandbolling September 25, 2011
CB = Cigar/Cigarette Break...

Thy person who doesn't want to smoke alone, yells out CB!!! Thus creating a substantial amount of smokers to converse while smoking.
CB can be used in many terms such as:

lets CB
Im calling a CB
may I CB with you?
I love CB'ing
by Anita Whore August 21, 2011
abbreviation for Chunky Bitch (pronounced seebee)
Alex: Yo lets go play soccer
Bob: nahh im fine im just gonna play call off duty
Alex: *smacks bob in the face with a cleat* UR A FUKING CB!
by Arg3nsk8er94 July 23, 2010
short for a cockblock meaning one who interrupts what would be an otherwise successful sale of a product but ends up pissing the customer off, hence losing that particular sale.
I would have sold that shit but that CB Mon Japles just had to butt in.
by bitchslap your momma November 11, 2009
Cock blocking
preventing any sexual touching or events
or having sex
yo i was about to have sex with my girl then taylor had to c.b and stop it. Damn i'm tight
by PRINCEAKIL May 12, 2008
Confidence Boost.

someones said something good about you and you feel better 'cause of it!
Person 1 "new jumper?"
Person 2" Yeah..?"
person 1 "..its nice!"
Person 2 "CB!"
by ThisOnesOrginal April 05, 2009

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