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a large round fruit, with a gray, bumby rind and a delicious orange interior
"Today I bought a cantaloupe at Food Lion"
by Kaity N July 03, 2005
(n). term for the firm, round, melon-like breasts of a female.
Damn. I'd like to check those cantaloupes for ripeness.
by heater_i_mean_heather March 03, 2009
A person prone to ill-advised behavior; a dumbass, a moron.
"So I drive into this Gas Station the other day, and what do I see? This complete cantaloupe was pumping gas into a soda bottle while smoking a cigarette."
by joshua estell August 03, 2006
A sexy game (usually in public restrooms) involving 2 lesbians, a straight girl, tennis racquets, and Listerine.
I'm not very good at cantaloupe.
by Tybalt D August 25, 2008
Your testicles, man.
Jesus that crazy bitch kicked me in the cantaloupes, man. I be singin soprano for the next week or so fo shizzles.
by Beninski May 20, 2009
A round, green and orange fruit. Many people believe that it resembles a vagina.
"Hey did you get a cantaloupe from the store yet?"
by RandomNothing July 16, 2016
when a couple can't elope and get married; when you can't run away and get married.


Ha Ha Ha
my friends parents cantaloupe.
by guitar tab April 14, 2011
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