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Walking where it's okay to pee.
i) I went hiking with my scout troopers
ii) My grandfather accidentally went hiking
by AddisonPlus June 24, 2007
To crack a joke on someone or something.
it's a Newark, NJ thang!
Yo, they was hiking this dude down about his clothes.

eng def: They were cracking jokes on this guys clothing.
by Tunky October 28, 2005
like walking, but with lifting the knees up slightly more than one would with a walk
I went hiking today, and now my knees are sore.
by dillweed439yo September 26, 2010
Verb. When camping, 'hiking' is a way to describe to elderly or very young relatives what underage teens are supposedly doing when they are not at the campsite. typically used when said teens are out in the woods enjoying activities involving alcohol or pot.
grandma asks, "where's so and so? We're about to make s'mores."

Hip older cousin replies, "oh, they're out 'hiking'."
by Erka.irka November 13, 2011
A common euphemism for having sex/having an affair. This term was popularized by Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina, who went missing for several days and informed the public he was hiking
Husband: Honey, I think I'm going to go out hiking this weekend.

Wife: OK dear. Have fun!
by MarkSanford June 24, 2009
outdoors, that is, usually not on your property.

this is impossible in urban areas, because being undetected is a top priority
fizzle my nizzle
by Rosh April 20, 2003
when you and your girlfriend hang out in the middle of the night while naked (or the guy can wear boxers).
Me and Jenny were hiking last night and it was phat.
by Rosh April 20, 2003