An incredibley strong male used in the destruction of motor vechiles (mainly cars), with the use of his bare fists
I needed my car crushed, so i went to get Cano
by Gooch Sweat June 29, 2009
Top Definition
furious, ready to explode with anger.
"My boss went cano when I told her to suck my dick."
by Pissflaps McNulty February 25, 2004
Cuban slang for an old person with white hair, referring to the sugar color of their hair. Can be used to describe a man or a woman. If used to describe an old man, may also refer to his background as a cane-cutter in Cuba. Especially heard to describe old Cubans around Miami. Somewhat disrespectful when referring to older persons, but acceptable in referring to former cane-cutters.
Yo, Cano, did you used to cut cane in the cane fields. Yo, viejo (old person) I'm talking to you, are you deaf?
by July 13, 2009
A slang term for a cozy pair of shoes. Shoes that are particularly comfortable, are refered to as "Canoes" because you glide in them like you're floating down a river. On a par with calling your car a "Sled."
Man, these work boots are aching me something fierce. I can't wait to get home and slip on my canoes.
by bigdanshooter November 02, 2010
A mexican or chicano mostly used from mexican to mexican
Frankie your all cano'd out!!
by Leander Russel July 02, 2010
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