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When a joint burns faster on one side. Can be quickly remedied by saliva on the finger and well placed tapping
Person:Dude, this shit is totally canoeing!

Person 2:It's cool, I got it (Spits on finger and taps out fast burn).
by Scott Garrett July 20, 2006
When only one side of the joint burns down, this happens when the hash lies at one angle of the spliff.
As above
by t1dylad January 15, 2004
When a joint burns unevenly due to moisture, the top burning with the bottom remaining unburned. The resulting shape resembles a canoe.
"Awww dude, it's canoeing!"
by Craig 119281 October 28, 2005
when you light your blunt and it only burns up on one side
Oh my god, Its canoeing up the side!
by Erin May 18, 2003
Placing the scrotum and testicals if a man into the eye sockets and shaking your head. If done correctly will result in an erection atop the forehead like a canoe paddle. Simular to motor boating a woman's breast or dragon boating another man's anus.
Hey babe, wanna go canoeing this weekend?
by Dirty Panda March 07, 2014
Lady lays on the floor man sits on her legs either side and either just just jerks off over her or webbing over her. for those that it floats there boat so to speak can throw in a cleveland steamer

Also be known for group of men to take turns to canoe.
Man , did you see that vid of Rich canoeing over Kat
by cjw957 September 14, 2011
like titty fuck but you put the penis in between the woman's breast, or on a guy's chest, and play with the breast against the penis like the penis is a canoe going white water rafting
steve: what did you and mary do last night?

robert: she wanted to titty fuck but I went canoeing on her instead
by myty399 March 14, 2012