An adjective, verb, noun, whatever the hell you want it to be.
A) used when referring to someone's dick
B) when someone gets hit (anywhere, not just in the sack)
C) when something that sucks some serious ass happens to somebody
A) What a small cack Derek has!
B) Oh snap, that brick just cacked him in the face.
C) Your girlfreind cut off your dick? That's a cack and a half dude.
by The Jew on 102 December 06, 2005
Word used to describe collected equipment used for equestrian travel, I.E. saddle, bit, bridle, saddlebags, and other gear.

Most popular in the American West.
Get your cack straight and get these horses lined out!
by Elwood October 30, 2004
1.) cock
2.) a finished (all ash) bowl of marijuana, so named after the "cack" sound it makes when you hit it the last time
3.) unconscious/asleep. verb: To cack (also "to cack out")
1.) Y'all is cack hoes.
2.) That shit's cacked, pack another bowl.
3.) John cacked out, guess he doesnt want to do some lines.
by sup April 27, 2004
The long nuddle between your legs
1) OH my cack is so hard
2) that bitch sucked my cack really good
3) i stroked my cack really hard
by guag March 20, 2004
the thing that hangs over your balls
do you wanna lick my cack and balls?
by purplemonky November 23, 2003
1) A morning radio show on 91.8FM in Auckland, New Zealand.

2) Byproducts of digestion like methane gas and faecal matter
1) Were you listening to Cack on the Radio this morning?

2) Fucken Hell!! that cack reaks!!
by Ginge October 24, 2003
A part of the mans body thats tums cant get enough of.
I consumed the cack, dude.
I love eating copious amounts of cack.
The cack hurts when it gets hard.
I heart the cack.
by Vinn2000 November 03, 2005

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