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chesh said: im cacking myself

adam replied: thats so boot
by gertrude (geraldines sister) August 12, 2008
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1. To defecate - the process of emptying one's bowels of feces.

2. Laughing very hard.
2. It was so funny we were cacking ourselves laughing.
by sholland July 29, 2008
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Cracking, it's know as fucking or going to fuck
Another word similar to this is cacked which means your higher than a mother fucker.
"Cacking" -Yo after the party last night I went to this chick named Bella, and we cacked ALL FUCKIN NIGH

"Cacked" - dude I'm so fucking cacked, I'm not even on earth right now, look at my eyes. Where even are they??? You I'm so fucking high.

"Hey are you okay??"

"Shhhh I'm to cacked to understand what you are saying rn, your stressin me out. Leave before you ruin my high."
by Duff October 03, 2016
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The sound cats make while bird or animal-watching.
I heard Kittyface cacking at those squirrels again. She was like "cack-ca-cack ca-ca-cack"
by SamiCakes88 January 01, 2017
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