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the core of physical health, get off your computer and try it!!!!
Bob: she's got a wicked bod
George: yeah she's very into health and fitness
by 2 mor reps you pansy! July 01, 2004
To fit into someone or something ("fittin' this")
Are you into fitness?
Yes, I am into fitness.
Well how about fitness into your mouth?
by Carl May 22, 2003
Adjective used to describe the ultimate fit girl / guy.
To describe someone VERY attractive.
Hey, that girl is FITNESS, man!
by LMJ August 31, 2005
The most important thing you can have. Without fitness, your a fat homosexual who sits around all day watching movies on your computer and eating cheezits. To be fit is to be god.

Can also be used to replace words like "good", and "skilled"
Guy 1: "Wan't to go get something to eat?"
Fitness Guy: "FITNESS!"

Guy 1: "I think we should take the bus to the movie"
Guy 2: "Nah, that wouldn't be very fitness"
by GingerJewRatHallMonitor. May 03, 2009
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