another word for cock
yo bro, did you see that bit? she was sucking on my cack all night.

Those guys are so gay, they like cack in and around their buttholes.
by j-brohasaurous January 07, 2010
A fat dick with rolls.
That guy has such a cack.
by DJanesy September 10, 2009
a polite word for using the derogotory name, cunt. Not to be used lightly for fear of retaliation.
Dani: hey have you talked to kelly?

Carly: no why?
Dani: she's being a total cack!
by dancarl August 26, 2009
in reference to the size of ones cock. An abnormally large cock.
His cack was like, "damn"
by akaneamaya August 26, 2009
cack = non-man,boy, someone who doesnt want to go to man weekend, like jeff dog and mike.
jeff is a cack -boy for not attending man weekend
by davedogg February 19, 2009
Deliberate mispronunciation of the word "cock", slang for penis. Used for comedic effect.
"Mistah Vasquez?!"
"Suck a cack!!"
by Vanilla_Bear October 04, 2008
cock meat sandwich
likes to suck on cocks
he was such a cack

hes such a cack
by langis May 21, 2008

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