Another word to describe Cocks!
I love cacks!
You are such a cacksucker
This program is total cacks
by DenzilVoorhees July 10, 2006
A term used by a dwarfy ghetto nelsoner describing a mans penis
Adam has a big cack

Amara wants a slice of that cack

CACK-tastic ; )
by Nigga786543216788 June 05, 2014
Used in the popular cartoon shorts featuring Dr. Tran, a Cack is any store. There is a Super Cack, where the talking gum-obsessed chicken buys slacks; and Toy Cack where Grandma Norma takes Leland and Dr. Tran after running over many, many little boys.
Announcer: "Toy Cack, 30,000 locations worldwide! Open 'til 10 PM!"

Hotel Soap: "Everything's Fucking Wonderful!"

"Take off your top and get killed by Greg Kinnear!"
by CMKTBH January 22, 2010
Something Ashleigh likes to insert into her mouth
Did u see how much Cack ashleigh got last nite
by BigB61 February 12, 2010
To inhale from a marijuana cigarette.
"you boys cackin' a doob?"

"We should cack a doobie before we go to taco bell"
by unclemergle32 May 10, 2009
Substitute for saying dick or penis
Guy: Lick my big toe you dusty khalil
Guy 2: Suck My Cack!!!
by mikegottaura May 26, 2012
A beautiful women you want to have sex with.
That girl with the big knockers is cacks
by magnoliastudent May 04, 2011
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