omg thats the biggest cack
by wizardz March 19, 2014
A beautiful women you want to have sex with.
That girl with the big knockers is cacks
by magnoliastudent May 04, 2011
To inhale from a marijuana cigarette.
"you boys cackin' a doob?"

"We should cack a doobie before we go to taco bell"
by unclemergle32 May 10, 2009
A noun used in a negative way to describe anything not cared about or unimportant
"What a stupid cack."
"Look at that cack over yonder."
by Baller McJenkins June 08, 2007
Substitute for saying dick or penis
Guy: Lick my big toe you dusty khalil
Guy 2: Suck My Cack!!!
by mikegottaura May 26, 2012
A penis, dick and cock
Hey man that porno last night gave me a hard ass cack!
by B-rizzle988888888888 April 03, 2011
a stronger cock, more influential and craved more then normal. A cack is like a god cock, a cock is just a cock. A cack all the ladies want and need, a cock ladies can do without. Only the strong and possessed can attribute such a cack.
kristina: " nick has such a big cock!"
bobbi: " i know, but have you seen mikes cack? its mesmorizing!"
by queen liz November 29, 2010

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