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omg thats the biggest cack
by wizardz March 19, 2014
To inhale from a marijuana cigarette.
"you boys cackin' a doob?"

"We should cack a doobie before we go to taco bell"
by unclemergle32 May 10, 2009
A beautiful women you want to have sex with.
That girl with the big knockers is cacks
by magnoliastudent May 04, 2011
a stronger cock, more influential and craved more then normal. A cack is like a god cock, a cock is just a cock. A cack all the ladies want and need, a cock ladies can do without. Only the strong and possessed can attribute such a cack.
kristina: " nick has such a big cock!"
bobbi: " i know, but have you seen mikes cack? its mesmorizing!"
by queen liz November 29, 2010
holy cack that hurt. my cack is large.
by cackkks January 29, 2011
used by teenagers in southern california, mainly in the san gabriel valley.
meaning to have sex.

also used to rate girls based on thier sexiness.
cack=ok looking girl.
ultra cack= pretty girl, nice body
master cack= the hottest girl within a 20-mile radius.
1. yo girl, lemme cack!
2. dude I kicked it with samantha last night, and i caaacked!
3. thats an ultra cack.
4. I'd cack.
by al(s)ex May 29, 2010
Something Ashleigh likes to insert into her mouth
Did u see how much Cack ashleigh got last nite
by BigB61 February 12, 2010