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A noun used in a negative way to describe anything not cared about or unimportant
"What a stupid cack."
"Look at that cack over yonder."
by Baller McJenkins June 08, 2007
Substitute for saying dick or penis
Guy: Lick my big toe you dusty khalil
Guy 2: Suck My Cack!!!
by mikegottaura May 26, 2012
A penis, dick and cock
Hey man that porno last night gave me a hard ass cack!
by B-rizzle988888888888 April 03, 2011
Its a another word for cock meaning penis.
I rock out with my cack out
by blowjack December 28, 2010
Alternate spelling of cake with some sexual connotations due to its similarity to the word cock.
Dude, you got cack frosting all over your mouth! You must really love the cack.
by Wolframio November 30, 2010
a really odd way to say penis. it annoys the hell out of most people but the user of the word usually gets a few laughs
Niall: You cack!
Teddy: hahaha
everyone: shut the fuck up fat ass!
by er jokes July 02, 2010
Used in the popular cartoon shorts featuring Dr. Tran, a Cack is any store. There is a Super Cack, where the talking gum-obsessed chicken buys slacks; and Toy Cack where Grandma Norma takes Leland and Dr. Tran after running over many, many little boys.
Announcer: "Toy Cack, 30,000 locations worldwide! Open 'til 10 PM!"

Hotel Soap: "Everything's Fucking Wonderful!"

"Take off your top and get killed by Greg Kinnear!"
by CMKTBH January 22, 2010