C A B is short for Cunt Ass Bitch, easily used when out in public or "little" ears are present.
Example: Did you just see that C A B cut me off!?!

Sara is being such a C A B lately, you know what her deal is?
by Allie48823 January 03, 2006
switch frontside on a skateboard or snowboard. or just switch on skis
"that was a sick cab 9"
by alex July 16, 2004
1. Chuckled a Bit, for when it is not funny enough to LOL
'A Man walks into a bar, "ouch" it was metal bar'

by bob359 June 11, 2014
Short for cunt-ass-bitch. This word is to be used against those who one truly despises or hates. When called a cab, one must accept that they have been ridiculed and made fun of far worse than any comeback/retort that they may think of. Cab is the ultimate diss, and inflicts humiliation and embarrassment on those who are subject to being called a cab.
"Marc is a huge cab for not showing up to my birthday party!"
"Rich you're a huge fucking cab!"

by C.Mitch January 24, 2009
To CAB means to "Cut A Bitch".

When you are in a confrontation with another woman (or man) and rather than throw a punch, you either pull out a razorblade or a knife and basically cut that person as if you are slicing and/or dicing a fruit, vegetable, or a piece of meat.
Oh my god, am I going to have to CAB?!
by cuttingbetches1332 August 30, 2010
The literal meaning is to Choke A Bitch. It refers to when a girl is constantly "pissing" you off.
Her voice just makes me want to C.A.B.
by WAJC September 11, 2008
C.A.B is an acronym for "Crazy Ass Bitch". It can be used as a noun or a verb. One can say it as C.A.B or simply "cab". Both versions are meant to be codewords and can be used at any time when there is a "Crazy Ass Bitch" in the room. Here are some examples to display the uses of C.A.B.
" Man my girlfriend was acting like a total C.A.B last night."

"Wow I got totally C.A.B'd by my mom."

"Whoah check out that cab over there, she's taking off her clothes while singing Poker Face and lighting shit on fire too!"
by RoRoJoJo July 04, 2009

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