The literal meaning is to Choke A Bitch. It refers to when a girl is constantly "pissing" you off.
Her voice just makes me want to C.A.B.
by WAJC September 11, 2008
An acronym for "Club all baby seals in the area" originating from how sealers club baby seals for their pelts. This can be abbreviated into Cabsita or Cabs. In most video games where there is nothing to do or you need to make things more interesting.

Another variation of this would be Kabsita which is a mispelling but has changed Club to Kill, this is inaccurate because sealers club their seals as to not damage the furs.
Quick everybody Cabs until *insert name of friend here* gets back on.

"Ok, what shall we do next?" "Lets Cabs!"
by Trainee-saurus Rox February 09, 2010
Acronym for "cock and balls"
Guy to his best bro: "Dude, I was really digging this chick in the club last night. So I took her in the back and asked her if she wanted to see my CAB, to which she quickly obliged."
by kansanboy December 02, 2013
Cunt Ass Bitch
Yo, that tall skinny chick messed up our fun group. She is a CAB!
by kingnothin December 02, 2013
N. or Adj.
A term used to describe a male or female who gets ridden by various members of the opposite sex in exchange for currency.
Bob: Aint that girl a ho?
Mike: Yeah nigga, shes a cab.
by Mirstie69 June 21, 2010
Acronym for "Cute Awkward Boy", referring to the type of guy, typically (but not necessarily) of the emo persuasion, whose presence almost demands an "AAWWWWW!"
Once a boy discovers he is a CAB, he may intentionally play up his awkward or goofy qualities and/or facial expressions so as to draw the attention of teenage girls.
Example 1
girl 1: "I love Jack Barakat of All Time Low."
girl 2: "I know, he is such a CAB."

Example 2
girl 1: "Did you see that CAB over by the merch table?"
girl 2: "I just wanted to grab him and pick him up like a baby!"
by ChristopherMike December 24, 2009
C.A.B. Stands for Crazy Ass Bitch, or in some cases Crazy Asian Bitch, which, not to be racist, most are crazy, but thats what some people love
"Dude, did you see that C.A.B. walk by? Better avoid that."

"I don't know dude she had a tight ass"
by KillzoneCharlie October 21, 2008

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