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A word looked on up urban dictionary by those who can't spell douche properly.
Go back and type in doosh
by maka697 November 23, 2003
The blatant & incorrect spelling of the word douche.
Sohou looks like such a doosh.

After trying to sneak his way back to the message board under an assumed identity, everyone called the poser a doosh.
by Mr. Takenocrap September 13, 2004
A douche, but spelled as if it were a nerf product.
Guy 1: Dude you wanna toss the DOOSH around?
Guy 2: No dude, that's gross.
by Cum 5 April 27, 2008
The wrong way to spell douche.
I am an idiot so I spell douche like this: d-o-o-s-h!
by Mysterio April 26, 2003
A deliberate misspelling of "douche" intended to convey the novice nature of conduct that does not even rise to the level worth of being characterized by the term "douche."
He was so pathetic in his pursuit of her that he couldn't even be branded a douche. No, this novice didn't deserve that moniker. He was simply a plain old doosh.
by Prolixity January 28, 2009
The sound you make after you get punched
Hey man lets fight, no way.... :turns back:....o no!! doosh!...fuck, my lip
by Dan Gold December 29, 2003
When a person, is such a douche that spelling the word traditionally does not begin to describe how much of a douche they are. So, you start adding o 's. The more ''o''s, the bigger the douche.
Brian is becoming a real Douche. Yeah, but Kevin is a fucking Doosh and Matt is a Doooosh.
by A-Paul_ing_behavior January 27, 2009
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