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Cab short for cabinet as in guitar/bass speakers. Cabs can be stacked to make walls and deafen audiences.
"Bitch, is this a combo?"

"No, Mutha fucka. its a Marshall cab"
by kowchxpteito May 02, 2006
14 14
College-Aged Boy (C.A.B.); term used in the gay community;
If I get to drunk tonight, I'll get a CAB to bring me home.
by Windmarble November 04, 2011
1 2
short for "crazy ass bitch"; it is a simplified way to call someone such. Can also be short for "crazy ass bitchin'", meaning that either someone is bitching at you or something is totally bitchin' (awesome).
George-Carl: "So, how'd your date go?"
Brendan: "Bro, she was such a cab. She threatened to burn the restaurant down because they gave her regular soda instead of diet."
George-Carl: "Oof, cab to the max."

Sarah: "Check out my new phone!"
Mary: "That's so cab!"
by RadRadarHuns April 19, 2011
0 1
Clingy Ass Bitch.
Dam bro she's a cab, she needs to go.

Erick: Dam bro Jay needs to go shes a cab.

Josh: Yeah im tired of her shit, shes off the roster.
by chex_drh September 02, 2010
2 3
short for Crusty Ass Bitch: dirty/skanky/slutty bitch that is used up or been around.
This club sucks, it's CAB central up in this bitch. looks like hookers get in free tonight!
by sjhdjhjbhdbjhjk December 22, 2009
5 6
a prostitute.
they are like cabs because you can get a "ride" for a fee.

Man: yo, do you have a cab for me?
Man 2: you mean a prostitute?
by blooandcheese July 20, 2008
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a much stronger meaning for the term anal. stands for Casual Anal Butt Sex. When things get wild and crazy thru the back door with someone you're not really seeing.
Girl, I can hardly sit down after the crazy CABS-fest I had last night!
by kgispretty September 28, 2007
4 5