a much stronger meaning for the term anal. stands for Casual Anal Butt Sex. When things get wild and crazy thru the back door with someone you're not really seeing.
Girl, I can hardly sit down after the crazy CABS-fest I had last night!
by kgispretty September 28, 2007
Acronym for Cocky Arrogant Bastards; a club for the best. A member within this club may also be referred to as a CAB as well. The prerequesites are strongly based upon overall appearance, class, family heritage, family wealth, current occupation, and most importantly, a snooty I'm-better-than-you attitude. In order to join this club you must initially contact and interview with the founding member and must be approved by every single current member as well thereafter; an example of how like-minded each member is ideally supposed to be. The founding member, however, has authority to veto or exile any applicant or member at any time if violations are severe enough.
"The man's a fuckin stud....he's probably a CAB."

stud, best, cocky, arrogant, club, talent, skill, athletic
by CAB Founder October 17, 2011
Community-Acquired Snark and Bitchiness -- commonly caused by hanging out too long on snarky forums and communities like TWoP, OhNoTheyDidn't, Go Fug Yourself, etc. Causes prolonged periods of bitchiness, snark and sarcasm.
"Man, you totally caught a bad case of CABS over there at ONTD. You need to stop going there."
by MizPlunderBunny August 31, 2008
Cab- its a nickname for people who are CRAZY ASS BITCHES.(CAB)
Hey Shayna, youre a Cab !
by Christineey November 11, 2007
The Child Ass Borer. Usually a very creepy man found in the workplace who is thought to be a pedophile. This name is taken from the insect emerald ash borer. This man is usually older and lives with his Mom or sister still.
Wow Larry really is a C.A.B. I just saw him hanging around the Play ground at the nursery.
by Hammer Time July 13, 2007
cab- short for cabbage.a word you would use to call someone
who is a or has been cabbage.you may call yourself or others cabbage or cab when they have done something stupid.
when you call someone cabbage or cab you are calling them stupid or retard,a cabbage is a vegetable
cabbage!!!you ment to hit the ball with the bat,not swing let go of the bat,like your throwing the bat.hit the ball cab !!

man im a cab !! was looking at a hot chick in town so wasnt looking where i was going and crashed my car into a tree

any1 seen my keys??-
- yamum
cabbage you always lose them!!-
yeh what a cab!!-
by fred freleg longdong May 04, 2007

acronym of: Crazy Ass Bitches
We were driving on HWY 9, and on the way down there were these CABS, in a camry, driving extremely slow. We ended up pissing off the CABS and they tried to crash into us.
by crmcdann November 13, 2005
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