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fucking a ho, getting laid
where were you last night?

you know i was upinabitch'
by Ebenezer April 11, 2006
Credit cards.Atms..anything that got reserves of cash on it...

They take steals?
Nope just cash
by Ebenezer April 11, 2006
stealing, racking....making out with the goods with out droppin a sheckle...to learn the art of stealing
we high-fived (high5s) that brew from the deli
by Ebenezer April 11, 2006
marijuana, cheap herb you buy in the hood,
lets smoke

all i can afford is cab
by Ebenezer April 11, 2006
sum of money depending on who we are talking about it can be 100,1000,100,000,1,000,000
if it's your baby's mama it's $100, if it's dr. dre is a mil
the way you reach bliss on earth through the man made/illusionary way...as time proceeds the furthur we seem to be from it
yo how much you get for working?

Four heavens
by Ebenezer April 11, 2006
Shoes, kicks....new pair of shoes usually some hot vintage hard to find deals
Yo where did you cope those steps?
by Ebenezer April 11, 2006
when a chick sucks your dick
I got swirl from her while driving down the freeway
by Ebenezer April 11, 2006

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