Behaving arbitrarily. Doing things with out any goal or reason for doing so.
This dog just bumbles around the house!

by stghm February 14, 2008
know for the phrase, "as humble as a bumble"
as from the movie, "Hello Martian, how is your kidney feeling today?"
"It's fine, i'm as humble as a bumble."
by snugglebunny666 May 10, 2010
a bumble is a nickname for a loved one or someone you are fond of. something you can call your puppies as well. bumble can be a verb as well such as "i bumbled it up last night with my bumble"
hey snuggle bumble beaver, wanna go bumble it up on the sofa
by Malhh September 27, 2009
a verb used to describe the act of wandering around aimlessly with a group of friends.
Hey dude, I'm bored as hell, whatcha wanna do?

I guess we could just bumble around downtown until later.
by dee eye zee April 17, 2006
Collective noun for a group of klutzes, which is also descriptive. The large number of collective nouns in English is based on a tradition of "terms of venery" or "nouns of assembly" that are specific to certain kinds of animals, and stems from an English hunting tradition of the Late Middle Ages.
"Don't speak to me before coffee! I'm just a bumble of klutzes!" (Words spoken by the character Velocity Elfeyrie in her conversations with Daniel Damask, from "The Book of Names" written by Severine Demure.) The former character is describing her every morning dilemma and proceeds to list, a long list, of the names of all her personnae, several of whom are 'klutzes.'

"That is to say I am not a morning person. I mean, I'm not really sure who I am yet today, and, it is sure, whoever is in charge cannot possibly have the culture under control."

A fascinating account which adds a neologism to the lexicon of collective nouns, a 'bumble' of klutzes.
by Jinnefleur December 23, 2013
Fat old greedy fuck. Not fat like normal fat people. Super fat!
Look at that bumble stuffin his face. He's not even chewin.
by Gazor August 05, 2005
Mumble Bumble, familiarly known as "Bumble", is a Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer character who resided on the Island of Misfit Toys. A loveable misfit abominable snowmonster.
Bumble sunk on an iceberg an appartently drowned. :( It was said the iceberg represented Castro and Cuba.
by azov February 04, 2005
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