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Sucky is a descendant of the word suck, but can have a different meaning depending on the context, and the type of person using the word.
1) What a sucky day! -> bad, gloomy day
2) Get off my porch, you sucky fruitbag! -> derogatory usage
3) You want sucky sucky? Me love you long time -> translated from Engrish to English, this line reads, 'Want me to suck your dick?'
by <-=ryan=-> March 15, 2005
adj. Has the state of sucking to the max. Has a high degree of suckability.
My girlfriend took me out to the dollar cinema and we saw the movie "Sibling Rivalry". I had NEVER seen a movie so sucky. It was depressing that anyone would find such trash to be entertaining.
by Starpunk November 06, 2006
Possessing a high level of suctitude.

An adjective to decribe something that not only sucks now, but will likely always suck.
I could either read a book tonight or watch a sucky sitcom on TV,
by Tuneouttv September 13, 2003
when something sucks but needs a bit more emphasis
guy 1 : i got sooo much work :/
guy 2 : well thats sucky :/
by tallguy :P December 08, 2010
when you think something is really harsh or stinks
"Davey ran out when heard me preggaz"
"Bellend! That's sucky"
by +Fizza+ November 23, 2005
A word I like to use a lot it means unpleasant.
Fred:Hey schmoo those shoes are really sucky. Schmoo:Maybe I like sucky.
Fred:Well good for you!
by James Grimmer May 10, 2004
sombody that sucks
teachers are sucky
by Chula77896 July 18, 2009

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