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Habbit or trouble for it.
Im quite capable of getting myself drunk, I display a natural knack for it.
by Janan June 22, 2005
Rough young people living in cities and towns in certain ares of Ireland wearing burberry hats tracksuit pant/short jeans and celtic jerseys with a few bulldog tatoos
I wouldnt go there if I were you,Thats a knack area
by Marie March 27, 2005
Short/Slang of 'Knackers' / 'Scumbags' used in Ireland to define sketchy characters, who'll steal you clothes, money, and other possessions you have on you when walking through the cities of Dublin or Limerick.
Wear tracksuits, travel in numbers, and cary knives.
I hope that knack no be stealing ma' Gamecube!
by DK February 11, 2004
Knack, ones state of being full after snacking out while smacked(Being high as shit).
I was so knacked out last night
by Reed Nagga Reed July 15, 2010
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