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The middle of nowhere; nothing but trees and farms for miles around, maybe a house or two. Children wishing to trick-or-treat must travel 20-30 minutes to their nearest friend's neighborhood, thereby attributing to an overcrowding problem in suburban developments on Halloween
"Hey, wanna go to Billy's house? He just got a new trampoline."

"Nah, it's raining and he lives all the way out in the boonies. Let's just stay here and play Xbox."

"Word. Freedom Fighters rules! When's the sequel coming out?"

"Who knows man, Electronic Arts needs to get on that $hit."
by The Ryno June 01, 2009
109 12
Also spelled "The Booneys," this catchy saying is used to describe something in the middle of nowhere or something in a country, farm, or hick-town-like location.
by Canned Coolwhip October 25, 2010
10 54