To take a look at something which might be funny oir worth while
Man 1: Dude did you see tha guy? he got knocked the fuck out!!
Man 2: Lets take a bumble!
by PIMP Bizzy December 20, 2006
he is a HELPER WHO FINDS MISSING CHILDREN OVER THE INTERNET. He is very tentative in the world and introverted with people--which means he is the shy and silent type. Hence the Internet. But behind his reserved exterior lies a dedicated person with a passion for the concrete truth who wants to, in his heart of hearts, help find missing children.
'bumble's named and shamed'
by cuntolina April 28, 2003
Belfast Slang for Cannabis!
Give us some Bumbles, or I'll knack yer ballacks in!
by Desigol October 26, 2005
Someone who talks with a mumble but you can't understand them, they talk to lightly(SOFTLY)therefore making them bumbling, or further more a rookie installer at Mickey shorr Troy.
HE was bumbling again! GOD!! Does anybody speak bumble?
by NICK B October 07, 2004
sucky...upsetting..piece of crap,
shane is soo bumble he has no friends
by slim...pogos friend September 27, 2003

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