"Way out in bumble" - The boonies, A place that is generally out-of-the-way. An abbreviation for "Bumble-fuck".
-"Did you go to the swap meet?"
-"Nah, I wouldn't be caught dead out in bumble."

-"I wanted to go corning, but the only field around here was off in bumble"
by Elp October 13, 2003
1. noun: any one who is considered a tool, an instrument, that is used by others in a derrogative fashion. Commonly used in homosexual circles in reference to bum fumbles. Can identify the one in the middle of the circle jerk.

2. verb: the act of mocking; using someone for pack entertainment OR a sexual act of having fumbling clumsy bum sex.
"I am the room bumble" giggled Bingo.

"The room bumbled the metrosexual in the middle of the circle jerk, which was great because he needed some hair gel".
by curveb11 October 02, 2010
Another word for clique or group of friends.
Over there is the popular bumble, and there is the math bumble and so on.
by Shabangshwa95<3 February 22, 2009
To take a look at something which might be funny oir worth while
Man 1: Dude did you see tha guy? he got knocked the fuck out!!
Man 2: Lets take a bumble!
by PIMP Bizzy December 20, 2006
A very-attractive dumb blonde white broad, who occasionally enjoys a black male.
Black Male: Bro that chick is so fine. will she go for me?

White Male: Most likely, she is a Bumble.
by BrettAvery December 21, 2010
To drive an truck, mostly the old rickety kind, down a two lane road at well over the intended speed, making you and your passengers shift around a lot.

To walk unsteadily, as if you were drunk
For a guy to keep missing the hole over and over again
We bumble a lot on the road to my house

Nancy was bumbling after her 3rd shot of jose quervo

how was ned?
he was ok except that he kept bumbling around
by gibbi2010 November 03, 2010

An auxiliary word which replaces any other you don't care to use at the time. To be deployed at will.


As Adjective: Bumble: Aggressive
As verb: Be bumbled: Be trollied
As noun: Bumble: Trouble
Drop it like it's bumble.
by Tongueless Ghost of Sin July 27, 2010
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