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The act of sitting in circle while smoking pot.
Made famous by that 70's show when the actors would sit in a circle while acting high and spouting random things
eric- "kelso there is no crying in the circle
by Drue B. July 22, 2006
a group of highly under qualified overachievers situated in Toronto, who's delusions lie in the comfort of their parents money as a lifeline, projection of the human ego whilst under the influence of crystalline tropane alkaloid powders (likely purchased with inheritance/allowance monies) & strength in numbers as to hide the weakness of their own worldly existence.
"The circle" are toy brats who would be better off if they focused on the detachment from growth in their own false humility, and the acceptance of the reality about themselves, their own weakness and thier own limitations.
by Mojo and Axion July 10, 2008
Small group of tight friends. The Circle is extremely hard to get into. People envy The Circle, as they should. It's better to be on the inside.
Denise is banned from The Circle forever.
by Minnylou January 15, 2008
While playing hacky sack - A term used to describe the playing area of the game.
Dude get out of the circle if you aint playing.
by JOE CLEGG November 03, 2006
When your having sex with a girl doggy style and her breast start goiog in circles.
I gave that chick the circles
by mattnotatts July 07, 2005
The circle is a hole in which sexual intercourse can be had. Men have 2 and women have 3 (excluding ears, penile hole and nostrils).
-Women hold the Circle of life. (reference, Lion King)
-F*** the circle.
-Dude, I am so getting the Circle tonight.
-His Circle was Nasty.
-Keep your Circle tight.
by Kizzle2011 March 01, 2011
Buckmasters circle. An area in the downtown area of St. John's NL. It is the largest area that can be considered as a "ghetto" in St John's. If you want drugs or any sort of illegal hardware or software, you can get it in the circle
guy: "Im from the circle"
Me: you must be tough... wanna go smoke a bat?"
by TheHatedAngel January 01, 2007
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