Short for the popular welsh metal band, Bullet for my Valentine
Bullet = Bullet for my Valentine
by maximusmountain October 22, 2009
Peas, usually garden peas.
What did you have for dinner today?

Roast chicken, potatoes, carrots and bullets.
by Yorkie Pud September 18, 2009
A cross between a bowl cut and a mullet.
Wow...he used to have the early 90's "Tony Hawk" skater look w/ that bowl cut, but he didn't get his hair cut for so long that he started to grow a mullet in the back....he's got a nice bullet going.
by flowplow March 04, 2009
a vulgar term for nipples
"I sucked those titties till her bullets were hard"
by abcdefme December 23, 2009
a perfectly rolled, fat joint, shaped like a large bullet
"check out this bullet i rolled just now!"
by ibus January 20, 2009
superlative adjective. Denotes cool or desirable entities.
That is a bullet shirt
by Dinsee October 27, 2007
To exit or leave quickly, particulary to avoid some kind of authority.
"the cops is comin', BULLET, BULLET".

"yo i got a 40 piece in my bag and i hear them sirens, we gotta bullet".
by geeeeee March 31, 2007

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