another name for tampons
Im going to the supermarket to get some bullets
by JaGwalk October 04, 2007
A person who loves anal sex with objects larger than a foot long and likes to squirt the sperm out of ass after sex to drink.
That guy is disgusting he is such a bullet
by coreyjo1 December 06, 2013
That feeling you get when you smoke alotta weed
Man we walkin from mcdonalds to alternative school and were bullet as shit
Noun- Term often used to describe the remains of a blunt. That is, the unsmokable remnants of a cigar paper filled with marijuana.

Called simply a "roach" when describing a joint, a "bullet" more accurately describes the size and color of a smoked blunt.
Hey man, this blunt is killin' me. It's almost out anyway, let's just call it a bullet and go to Taco Bell
by thegreatape March 11, 2012
Bald + Mullet = Bullet
Hulk Hogan
Bald on top and long hair in the back.

or a bald guy with a mullet is a bullet
by Deadman Court February 23, 2011
a phrase used to put someone down, used somewhat like a diss, and usually used twice
see boolett
Siddiq: "yo Tyrone, I went and asked that girl Sheney out, buh she turned me down"

Tyrone: "ha, u feelin' tight, bullet bullet"
by Jamal the 3rd January 04, 2009
Short for the popular welsh metal band, Bullet for my Valentine
Bullet = Bullet for my Valentine
by maximusmountain October 22, 2009

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