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Bak is an internet accronmym for back at keyboard.
<person1> were are you?
<person2> I were afk, but now Im bak.
by Afro123 February 03, 2008
Slang for 'back'. Lazy people use this a lot to signal their friends after they state BRB or BBL.
JohnDoe: BRB
JaneDoe: okay
(5 minutes later)
JohnDoe: bak
by Nad The Man April 26, 2006
Acronym for a Bad Ass Kid. It is not meant in a positive way, it means the child is naughty, disrespectful, backtalking, disobedient, spoiled, etc. etc.
"I'd whip these BAKs if I could, but I'm their teacher!"
by I know where it's at! October 19, 2009
the state of going african on an individual.
BAK!!!(as one walks by)
by baak February 24, 2009

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