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To work it slow,enjoy the pleasure
Oh baby,i love it when u slow motion for me.
by Jon March 25, 2005
To move one's body at a low rate, in this case its used for in a dance.

In other cases its when the movement is retained at a low pace.
"Baby, dont shake ya body so fast, slow motion for me."
by Knoledge MasterWoman August 25, 2004
Another term for chilling and just laying back. Taking things easy.
"What's good Ease how you?"
"Slowmotion mane breathing"
by Ease DaMan April 30, 2008
one who is always late in everything he does.(Jason)
What the fuck Slow Motion, i thought i told you the next time you were late to work I was going to make you lick shelleys cottage cheese ass.
by JTD April 14, 2005
Not simply a dilation of time, but an actual state of being only achievable through excessive consumption of alcohol and marijuana. In this state, one is not simply experiencing slow motion: they have become the slow motion.
Doug: "Dude, I was so slow motion last night."
Matt: "Yeah, you seemed really out of it."
Doug: "No dude, you don't get it. I wasn't just IN slow motion. I WAS the slow motion. I BECAME the motion."
by LogJammer August 30, 2014
The event in which everything is slowed down. Everything looks better in slow motion...for example, when you're doing your laundry or walking through a club.
Of course, not everything looks good in slow motion...for instance, here's a tape of me taking a shit...

(flies off toilet)
by Ihdfu sdutgf August 15, 2006
Noun for somebody who is mentally slow.
I'm talking to "Slow Motion" on the phone.
by BLUE FLAME October 13, 2008
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