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when a male shits into a jonny and then freezes it and his girlfriends uses it as a dildo.
girl : i'm horny!!

guy : i'll make you a bullet babe.
by megggggggan July 05, 2010
one year
by VAKI5 November 01, 2003
another form of poop but in smaller goat poop like proportions
Because of those bullets, it took me forever in there!
by dundlegrundelberrycherry February 25, 2003
Ater smoking pot, when there is nothing left in the pipe.
This pipe is bullet, so pack another one.
by princess April 15, 2005
a Butt Mullet(Bullet)
Hair just above the ass hole
Holy shit, look at that bitches bullet!
by joe dirt May 15, 2003
a device for killing white trash, niggers, nazis, and indy kids. Also used for killing women who can't keep their mouths shut.
This device is inserted into a gun and shot at high speed.
"I have a bullet with your name on it"
by the hangar September 03, 2008