when you are extremely high. the highest you can get. when you feel like your a bullet speeding through time in slow motion.

i thank it started in Cashville.
"I'm to bullet bruh"
"He had some straight killa, dat shit had us too bullet."
by The Darkside Batman July 27, 2009
An overly confident man with a bald head on top/ in the front and a ponytail in the back. It's like a mullet only all party in the back.
Frank has a bullet. His bald head in the front is accentuated by his ponytail in the back.
by TBJ954 November 29, 2013
The Bullet, Formerly known as face-down is when one or more people pull there trousers and pants down lift there shirt up and lay face down on the ground with there hands on there back.
There are many forms of bullets including trick bullets (bulleting an object land mark or even person) or danger Bullets (Bulleting the top of a bridge or bulleting somewhere where authorities will see)
Guy 1: Awh man now that were in paris whats the first thing you want to do?
Guy 2: Ehh... Bullet the Eiffel Tower of course!
by Bullet Rico July 05, 2010
A solitary stone in a ring.
I left a couple "bullet" marks on that fools forehead.
by BTDT SC June 27, 2010
When a man has a mullet, but is bald on top.
Dude, you gotta killer bullet, yo! You wanna go get some natty ice and watch some nascar?
by tat0r October 12, 2012
When one's mullet is so long that it reaches the ass area, and is then braided with the existing butt-hair. Making a bullet
Eric "I was gonna give her a back massage, but she had a bullet."

Levi "Thats gross bro."

Duncan "I love it when girls have bullets!"
by bulletshooter May 04, 2011
also known as the backwards mullet. a bullet is a type of hairstyle that consits of long bangs in front and short hair in back used commonly for spiking.
bullets are usually found among "scenies" or scene kids.
Him:"look at that scene kid over there!"
Her:"they have a bullet!"
by Elan Baxter December 08, 2007

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