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a gay person who is also a gamer
Rob and his boyfriend are always playing Guild Wars- they are big time gaymers.
by Ueuecoyotl July 27, 2005
a homosexual who enjoys video games, sometimes casually or sometimes hardcore.
Man, I totally pwned you on that last deathmatch- your icon is cute, are you a gaymer too?
#gay #gaymer #gamer #video games #gaming #homocore
by Electronicoffee March 16, 2007
A gay gamer.
He's like, such a fabulous gaymer, OMg, it's soooo hawt!
#gay #gamer #gaymer #gaming #noob
by ijsman March 02, 2012
People who play computer games and who's only reference to more advanced aspects of computing is the term h4x0r. Usually obnoxious and disrespecting towards anyone that is not in their clan.
The gaymers ate loads of potatochips while they shouted unfine references to the female genital as they died in playing multiplayer games.
by dominei March 02, 2005
A slang term used for commonly used by the forum users.
Gaymers is down again!
by balohna January 27, 2003
People who come to demoparties and play computergames. Generaly dissliked by the demoscene.
Gaymers will be killed on sight.
by red_powerranger March 06, 2003
one who goes to
queers play video games too!
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 17, 2004
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