a monetary term that can be substituted in for dollars or pounds
That cost me ten bullets!
by Craig009 December 08, 2006
Pristine and perfect in every way.
"My god that girl has one bullet ass!!"
by Ratman October 26, 2003
a mullet grown to compensate for pattern baldness on top of the head.
Dude, you don't look like fucking Yul Brenner anymore since you got a bullet.
by Peabo September 02, 2003
A £1 Coin, used in the UK as money.
Lendz a bullet so i can buy something to eat.
by Scott February 28, 2005
Classified as a baby mullet. Usually in the fetal stage of development.
"Damn, Gus's bullet is so fuckin sexy. But so is his ass."
by Chiz Nizzle April 04, 2003
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