an orgasmic song by colbie caillat
Everytime i see your bubbly face, i get the tingles in a silly place
by amanda, layne, and angieee November 23, 2007
A person who has Diarrhea
Cus you got the bubblies or something?
by Surinder & Sam October 20, 2003
Just plain cool or use bubbly-making as kind of an adrenaline rush feeling or exciting.
Read Pretties by Scott Westerfield for usage and origin.
That movie was so bubbly, I really like it.

Ripstiking is really bubbly-making!
by Sabeanie June 08, 2009
a slang word. to be bubbly is to see clearer or in hi-def, and/or to not be pretty-minded. drinking alcohol does not help to make you bubbly. hunger, calorie-purgers, and increasting your heart rate, are all things that make you more bubbly.
Tally: Shay, what's wrong with you? You don't seem so bubbly today. Were you drunk last night?

Shay: Are you serious?! Tally-wa, Skinny, hun, I haven't been drinking for over a month, now! Sorry if I'm still pretty-minded! I haven't been cured yet because you are so selfish and gave Zane the cure instead of me! I'm gonna go get some calorie purgers! Oh, before I forget, isn't this new tattoo so pretty-making?!
by Cassandra Q December 13, 2007
A fat person's description of themselves
"What kind of things do you like about yourself?"
"I would say im a bubbly person!"
"Thats great, what do you not like about yourself?"
"im eighteen stone".
by Zombie raper September 17, 2011
A more polite and indiscrete way to say Gassy. Full of gas bubbles.
"Do you have any Gas-X? I should not have eaten that broccoli and cheese soup ... I am bubbly now. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go blow a bubble!"
by Cason-Point February 04, 2010
A sunny disposition adopted by fat women because if they didn't they would have nothing to offer society.
Dude: So what's your friend like?

Chick: Oh she's awesome, she's really bubbly.

Dude: You mean she's fat?

Chick: No, she just has a great outlook on life. Always so positive.

Dude: Okay then. But is she fat?

Chick: Well, she's kinda big...

Dude: Uh-huh, that's what I thought.
by MrCardboard November 06, 2011

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