Oral sexual act that consists of bobbing head movements until a bubbling sound is acheived.
Girl, you give some outstanding bubbly.
by Strickler January 23, 2003
The 'nice' way of addressing a fat person with a big mouth.
1: She's a bubbly woman.
2: Nope, you're just letting people know she's fat and loud without hurting her. Notice you never meet 'bubbly' thin people.
by Elliot March 11, 2005
A genre of music where the lyrics are cute and cheerful. The perfect genre to hear when your sad.
Jenny ROM makes many perfect examples of bubbly music!
by wakalakalover45 May 16, 2005
(n.) the feeling one aquires when he/she is wearing no underwear. aplies most commonly to those with vaginas.
vagina beholder 1: why, im feeling most bubbly today!
vagina beholder 2: it's laundry day, isn't it...
vagina beholder 1: *nods furiously*
by nanner September 06, 2004
A toot, or homemade drop-bong
"Stack me a bubbly?"
by Dan Hates You May 08, 2005
Type of personality usually displayed by lonley and over eager Fat chicks.
Bertha has a bubbly personality.
by xzybit July 23, 2004
v., to give oneself a - The act of pleasuring oneself by inserting a champagne bottle into one's vagina or anus.
That bitch was so drunk on New Year's Eve that she gave herself a bubbly for the rest of the office...all of a sudden everyone wanted to open the champagne when the ball dropped!
by Tom Zappacosta September 29, 2003
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