usually in reference to music and/or drugs: hyphy, bomb, chronic, hardcore, badass, raw.
This shit is hella bubbly.
by Devo Rando May 06, 2009
A word for perky, cute behavior.
That girl has such a bubbly personality.
-noun - Slang term for crystal meth. The connection between the word and the drug is as follows

-When crystal meth is smoked the drug turns into a liquid when heated. Overheating will cause it to bubble. It is also commonly smoked out of a glass tube with a bubble at one end.
Your 9:45 bowl, sir. I've taken the liberty of cracking it back for you. This last batch of bubbly was a quite good, indeed!
by eXcessiVeDAHMER July 26, 2011
horny, feeling the need to jump on someone and randomly pull off their pants
i feeeeeel uber bubbly
by bmsh December 16, 2007
Fat, but fun.

People who refer to themselves as Bubbly are always trying to over-compensate for their weight problems.

Usually Obese and Single they commonly advertise in Classified ads in the back of magazines - 43, GSOH, Bubbly.

Beware these Bubbly people, they usually have unresolved issues from childhood, which are likely to come to surface if you were to ever begin a relationship with one.
43, GSOH, Bubbly.

Oh you would like my friend, she is really Bubbly.
by MagicPatMarker September 26, 2006
Bubbly is a person you love very much!
You should keep your Bubbly's forever
I love my bubbly erica very much!
by JBsss October 17, 2005
An adjective often used in online profiles or personal ads as a way of fat people avoiding calling themselves fat.
I'm a redhaired, green eyed, blubbly woman.

Just replace bubbly with fat and its about right.
by bubblygirl July 24, 2008
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