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As used by girls on dating sites.

Se also: cuddly, curvy, fucking obese, heifer.
I'm 26, bubbly and up for absolutely anything. No, really - anything! ...please!
by voodoodanny February 25, 2011
adj. A lady of sizeable proportions. Often used as an inoffensive term to describe a chubby lady in a situation which requires you not to alienate the person before they are introduced.

If bubbly is used with the suffix 'personality', you are nearly always guaranteed that the lady in question will be of the Michelle McManus school of eating.
In the context of attempting to set up your chubby-chasing friend with an acquaintence: - "oh yeah, you'll love her, she's got a really bubbly personality."
by Knowerofthings July 29, 2009
To be exciting and different from the crowd. Don't follow the leaders.
She is so bubbly, She just jumped across a fast river.
by Xeris November 07, 2007
A slang term for when something is exciting or makes you excited. Usually described as an adrenaline rush, increasing your heart rate in some way, or taking risks will make you feel bubbly.

Can also describe something as being "bubbly-making".
e.g. 1: I just spent two hours last night riding around in a motorcycle downtown with my boyfriend, it was so bubby!

e.g. 2: I wanna go on that ride next, it looks so bubbly-making!
by payxx October 08, 2011
11.) Containing or creating many bubbles.
09.) Stuff that looks like bubbles.
54.) Quirky; ebullient; lively.
The bubbly child threw bubbly cotton candy into a bubbly bathtub.
by omg, DUH!! October 26, 2003
A person's awesome personality. A mix of happy and excited. Bubbly people are awesome to be around. If you describe someone as bubbly you will most likely marry them.
"She's so bubbly."
Five years later you are married.
by zpluszisobvslove21 January 06, 2013
Used to express excitement, joy, euphoria and the like.

Synonyms:- rad, cool, hip, epic, awesome...

SN: Made infamous by author Scott Westerfeld's Uglies series.
A: Bradley's having a mad party tonight.

B: That's so bubbly! Count me in ;)
by Ellovieey July 22, 2011