A human with animal-like characteristics. That of a small, furry creature such as a bush baby.

Bubbles will be timid and grunts with frightened displeasure when confronted with bright clothes, nighclubs, females, or antything else outside of his limited comfort zone.

Easily startled, Bubbles will often scurry into the loftspace if there is a sharp knock on the door. Hide away your Bubbles on bonfire night or in extreme weather conditions

Staple diet would include Weetabix, ham and bananas. He will not go near a gas hob.
"Look at Bubbles in his designer shirt"
response: "(grunt) Everybody is wearing designer shirts, why are you picking on me"
by L.B. Seed August 21, 2004
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A character on the wildly popular Canadian mockumentary "Trailer Park Boys", Bubbles is played by Mike Smith (formerly of the rock band Sandbox). He sports coke bottle glasses and a perpetual Down Syndrome-esque visage, repairs shopping carts for a living and loves his kitties.
"Is he... crazy?"
"Who, Bubbles? No, he's the sharpest guy in the park."
by Dr. Mr. Vandertramps January 15, 2004
Cockney Rhyming Slang. (Bubble Bath - Laugh)
" You're 'avin a bubble incha!"
by Silv June 24, 2003
a females ass, preferably big
damn she got a bubble
by Jayo August 23, 2004
The nick-name for the most beautiful, down-to-earth girl your've ever met!
Hey there bubbles, i cant believe your all mine. Nemiwalo!
by JD..jd..jd October 24, 2007
a form of dancing
we were bubbling at the dance
by -anonymous August 15, 2003
A late model, 90's Chevy caprice
That mug rolling a wooded out Bubble on dubs.
by Basic November 11, 2002
a form of dancing ( for example: a girl is wining and a guy goes behind her and she continues on to dance)
come here ma, let me go behind that bad boy!!! (bad boy meaning:ASS)
by PATRALATIFA November 24, 2003
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