v. to grind
Tom and Mary were flirting for a while. Finally, when "Love in This Club" (bubble jam of the year) came on they began to bubble.
Meanwhile, the two dark figures began to dry hump violently.
by bubblezilla August 15, 2008
A bubble is a circular sphere usally made of a hollowed out light bulb, commoning used to smoke meth out of
"yo nigga pass da bubble fool!"

"Wtf u Broke My bubble bitch"

"dude hit dis bubble dawg"
by Murderman143 February 01, 2008
When a Paladin casts Divine Protection, Sealing him/herself inside a "bubble" of invincibility for 10 seconds. (World of Warcraft)

Can also be when a Mage uses Mana Shield and becomes absorbant of all damage up to a limited amount.
"Wanda wasn't hurt when she got attacked by the gnolls, she bubbled."

"Morky would have gotten one-shotted, but he was bubbled."
by Divyblaze March 10, 2006
Pee; To Urinate
Gilbert pull over the damn car, I need to bubble really bad!
by Dmitri A. B December 23, 2010
Michael Jackson's favorite pet Chimpanzee! Bubbles was born in 1983 and Michael Jackson saved it from Cancer research in the early 1980s. Michael Jackson loved Bubbles so much that he let Bubbles sleep in the same room as him, and even let Bubbles use his private toilet! Bubbles understood hand signal from Michael Jackson too! Bubbles also learnt the moonwalk from Michael Jackson and can moonwalk better than me!
1) Bubbles drank from the same cup as Michael Jackson!
2) Bubbles helped Michael Jackson in his household chores!
by MJMoonwalker January 14, 2011
met"bubble" is the most common nickname for the drug methadrone,an illegal drug made from plant fertillizers and other nasty stuff.

Bristol has one of the highest amounts of bubble being dealt on the streets in the UK, people in Yate, Bristol are known to have one of the rarest types of drug in europe.

other nicknames for "bubble" are:
meow meow
bubble love
dude: Yo you wanna free line of bubble?

girl: but my nose is already chewed up from the stuff.
by iwontherace May 08, 2010
A word that some people just randomly say in a high pitched voice, mimicking the power puff girl, bubbles.
Me: Hi Chris
Chris: Bubbles!
by ShadowForce December 07, 2013

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